NeverANazi’s Cable And The X-Force Fancast Gif Thingy That I Hope Doesn’t Get Reblogged A Lot And I Drown In Notes.

Stephen Lang as Cable
Anderson Cooper as Doctor Nemesis
Kate Beckinsale as Domino
Benjamin Bratt as Forge
Allison Mack as Boom Boom
Henry Cavill as Colossus

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[[ Introducing the Mun. ]]

Name [or Nickname]: Ashley / AVY
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Tumblr URL[s]: darklordavy (personal), misswasp (currently on hiatus, might return to soon), luckybullets, seismicscale, imperiusex
Fandoms: Marvel, 
Muse[s]: Wasp, Rictor, Domino, Namor
OC Friendly?: Eh, I’ll give it a shot but not super keen on most
Multi-Fandom Friendly?: As long as it isn’t something too out there
Ship Your Muse With Any Sex?: Sure, I’m pretty open so long as the personality and story works
Open to SFW RP?: Yes
Open to NSFW RP?: Yes
Open to Conversing OOC?: Sure

Open to Making Friends OOC?: Yes, though I’m a pretty shy person admittedly. XD

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"Dom, shouldn’t sneak up on people."

"Hey, I wasn’t sneaking, you just need to pay a little more attention. How’s the work going? You seemed pretty focused before I walked over.”

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((And her husband. She hasn’t had much luck with the family thing unfortunately. :( ))

((And her husband. She hasn’t had much luck with the family thing unfortunately. :( ))

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Domino and family

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Fluff :: What hits their soft spot? Does anything them into emotional goo?

Domino doesn’t show her soft spots that often but family is one of them. From birth she had no family since she was brought about due to the government weapons program and it’s something she both yearns for and runs from. If she considers you family she’ll go out of her way to protect you but the caring and commitment also terrifies her because with her dangerous job bad things tend to happen to those she cares about (her husband, her brother, etc.) so she tries not to get too emotionally close to most. Still, she can’t keep everyone out and there are a handful of people she treasures privately as a surrogate family.

((strayed a little from the question but I think it was close, that was a tough one for Dom))

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Alignment :: What would be their D&D alignment? How might it come into play?
Beverage :: What do they most like to drink, and why?
Co-Habitate :: Do they live with anyone? What’s “need to know” before moving in?
Decor :: What kind of home do they keep? Are there any defining details?
Escape :: What do they do to destress? How successful is it?
Fluff :: What hits their soft spot? Does anything them into emotional goo?
Grudge :: How bad does an insult go over? Do they hold a grudge long?
Hobby :: What’s something they do for fun that might be surprising?
Insomnia :: What’s their sleeping schedule like? Snorer? Sound sleeper?
Jaded :: Do they buy into the “happily ever after” ideal? What’s their standard?
Kin :: What’s their role among their relations? Do they consider others family?
Law :: What do they think about abiding rules? Are they selective about it?
Magic :: In a magic series or not, are they accepting, or is each instance a shock?
Network :: Are they connected to the people? How much do they reach out to others?
Offspring :: What kind of parent would they be? Would they prefer one, or multiple?
Pistol :: Is this character skilled with a weapon? What’s their opinion of violence?
Question :: How often do they feel doubt? What topics are they defensive about?
Reminder :: How are they at remembering daily needs? What falls through the cracks?
Sing :: Do they like music? Do they listen often/sing/hum/play songs in their head?
Touch :: How do they handle contact? Is their personal bubble big?
Upcoming :: How much do they think of the future? Do they make long-term plans?
Vice :: What bad habits do they have? Is there something they would be ashamed of?
Wardrobe :: What’s their fashion style? Do they have any staple pieces?
X-Ray :: How’s their health? Any problem areas? Do they take care of themselves?
Yack :: What’s their favorite thing to talk about? What do they go on about?
Zodiac :: What’s their astro sign? Does it fit? What would you pick, if it’s unknown?

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